By Newgate Productions, May 15 2014 09:24AM

The Monster Hunters are back, and ready for their most dangerous adventure yet!

Someone is targetting the world's monster hunters and their sights are set on Roy Steel and Lorrimer Chesterfield. To unmask the culprit and ensure they live to fight, drink and pun another day, our heroes must travel from the mean streets of London to the mysterious northern city of Leeds. But is a power capable of destroying all monster hunters just too much for them?

Written and directed by Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock. With Matthew Woodcock as Roy Steel, Peter Davis as Lorrimer Chesterfield and Silas, Laura Marshall as Karla, Sarah Whitehouse as The Lizard Girl, Simon Kane as Sir Maxwell House and Dan Starkey as Sir Princely Mothman and Lord Chislewood.

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