By Newgate Productions, Jul 1 2012 09:37PM

Episode 5 of The Monster Hunters is now available to stream and download from here and iTunes, and this month the boys are going underground...

Roy and Lorrimer come to the aid of noted archeologist Edward Travers, whose partners have died, horrifically mutilated to death. Following the Professor underground, the Monster Hunters face the ancient powers of a Voodoo goddess.

Meanwhile, Sir Maxwell is on a mission of his own. To be reunited with Tiffany.

The Voodoo Zombies of the Snake Woman was written by and stars Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock, with Paul Thompson as Travers and Simon Dylan-Kane as Sir Maxwell House and Kenneth.

Don't forget The Monster Hunters is live on stage at the Etcetera Theate for this year's Camden Fringe, and return here next month, for the thrilling climax to the series!

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