By Newgate Productions, Mar 29 2012 08:00AM

Recording has now finished on The Heir of the Dog, episode two of The Monster Hunters, and it was a chance for everyone to get their teeth into some new material.

‘While episode one adapted some of our stage material, episode two was completely new.’ said co-writer Matthew Woodcock, who plays Roy Steel. ‘It was exciting and a bit of a challenge to come up with an entirely new adventure, but I think what we’ve got is great fun and in keeping with what had gone before. We’ve also got a great new character in Madeline Lockheart, and it’s fun to play with the roles the Hunters usually take, as well as their reaction to her.‘

Episode 2 sees the Monster Hunters come to the aid of England’s Richest Man, Tony Hands, when his Devonshire home is attacked by a werewolf. It takes in elements from Hammer’s The Hound of the Baskervilles as well as Amicus’ classic 1974 film The Beast Must Die. ‘It’s a perfect film for us because it’s a great mix of classic gothic horror with a huge slice of early seventies pop culture rammed into it.’ said Matthew. ‘It’s also got a pretty starry cast, with the likes of Peter Cushing and Michael Gambon. And it has a very funny werewolf, but the less said about that the better.’

The Heir of the Dog also took the Hunters into new territory – recording on location. The teaser for this month’s episode is set in a car, so where better than a car to record it? Panny Skrivanos, playing Tony Hands, and Laura Marshall playing Madeline, were dispatched to a Denmark Hill carpark to record their first scene together.

The Heir of the Dog is released for download and streaming on 1st April.

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