By Newgate Productions, May 10 2013 09:00AM

It's finally happened: a woman has tamed the heart of Roy Steel! Griselda Promogrew is the mysterious new woman in Roy's life, one who might cause a little friction for our monster hunters.

'It's the first time we've seen Roy properly interested in someone, and it's a woman he knows absolutely nothing about!' Explained Matthew Woodcock, who plays Roy. 'Of course Lorrimer is going to be suspicious of any woman who can tolerate Roy for more than 30 seconds. But could Lorrimer's coolness towards Griselda damage their partnership?'

Griselda Promogrew is played by Susy Kane, familiar to listeners of Radio 4's Bleak Expectations as Pippa Bin. On television she has appeared in The Thick of It, Hattie, and has most recently been seen as Miss Denby in Nickelodeon's House of Anubis.

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