New Monster Hunters for 2014!

By Newgate Productions, Mar 31 2014 04:43PM

The Monster Hunters are back for 2014 with a new format and some new enemies!

Following their battle with The Beast of Albion and their trips to an undersea kingdom and across time, Roy and Lorrimer took a well-earned break but we’re pleased to tell you they successfully navigated their way out of that champagne-laden cellar and are ready for action once again, this time on a more part time basis.

Rather than a full run of 6 episodes plus Halloween and Christmas specials, Newgate will be releasing four, 45 minute specials. ‘We certainly don’t want to let our listeners down,’ said Matthew Woodcock, co-writer and the voice of Roy Steel. ‘Peter Davis and I are absolutely committed to only releasing material at the highest standard we can achieve. This does take time and our commitments have increased. We’ve both got very young children who might very well beat us around the head and make a waaa-ing sound if they don’t see us occaisionally! On top of this, Peter is also creative director of The Ghost Bus Tours in London and Edinburgh, as well as The London Time Tour so he can usually be found dashing up and down the country on something called a train.’

So what can we expect this year? ‘Episode one is called Destroy All Monster Hunters and is designed to be a good jumping on point for new listeners,’ explained Matthew. ‘We want to give Roy and Lorrimer a really exciting and funny start to the year with the usual mix of thrills and puns and hopefully a new and familiar voice for your ears, playing The Monster Hunters’most diabolic mastermind yet!’

Destroy All Monster Hunters should be released in time for Easter. Episode 2 will be released in the summer, with episodes 3 and 4 arriving in the usual Halloween and Christmas slots. Titles and information will be available closer to their release dates.

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