By Newgate Productions, Dec 31 2017 05:29PM

Finally! Episode three of the third series of The Monster Hunters is available for you to download into your ears.

Firstly, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you out there. I hope you are celebrating with a Brandscotchka and a Turkey flavoured branded instant soup. Secondly, please accept our heartfelt apologies for keeping you waiting so long to hear just how Roy and Lorrimer got by up there on that mountain. A combination of a ridiculous number of factors including an epic house move, children, work and a computer going for a burton has made this quite a difficult year here at Newgate Towers. We were worried that we'd lost our masters at one terrifying point but thankfully all was not lost and the amazing Peter Davis has worked day and night to put it all together in time for the end of the Christmas holiday. We're fantastically grateful to all of you out there for sticking with us and keeping the flame alive. Our New Year's resolution: to bring you some more new adventures and hopefully we will have some exciting news to share with you about the future of the Monster Hunters soon.

The story so far: Our intrepid heroes are stuck on top of Mount Everest as a mysterious doorway opens in front of them. Exactly what is behind it? Who can say? All will become clear when you listen to Queen of the Yeti Men!

ROY STEEL: Matthew Woodcock


GEORGE CRISP: David Knight

JASHNIK: Laura Marshall

THE QUEEN: Grace Dunne

other parts played by members of the cast

Engineered and edited by Peter Davis

Music by Simon Magus and Peter Davis

Written and directed by Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock

Listen here:

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