By Newgate Productions, Apr 1 2013 02:45PM

Series 2 of The Monster Hunters launches today with the release of the first episode, They Stole Lorrimer’s Brain!

When Lorrimer Chesterfield is kidnapped from the flat he shares with Roy Steel, it’s up to Roy and Sir Maxwell House to find him, before Lorrimer’s brain finds itself transplanted into something horrible. Will Roy and Sir Maxwell engage on a desperate search of the whole of London for their missing colleague? Or will they go home and get drunk? And who are Colonel Dalby and the mysterious MI16?

Not only will They Stole Lorrimer’s Brain! re-introduce us to our heroes; we’ll also be meeting some new characters and situations that will span the whole of the series. ‘We wanted to move things on a bit and do something different this series. There’s a much stronger link across the six episodes, one that has its roots in something we mentioned last year.’ Matthew Woodcock explained. ‘You’ll still be able to enjoy these stories on their own, but hopefully the on-going arc will add an extra dimension.’

They Stole Lorrimer’s Brain!, written by Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock, stars Matthew Woodcock as Roy Steel, Peter Davis as Lorrimer Chesterfield, Nick Lucas as Colonel Dalby, Lucy McCormick as Professor Wilde, Panny Skrivanos as Doctor Grind and Simon Kane as Sir Maxwell House. You can download it or stream it HERE, or from iTunes.

NEXT MONTH: The Vine-al Problem

Colonel Dalby, head of MI16. What are his plans?
Colonel Dalby, head of MI16. What are his plans?
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