The Monster Hunters Christmas Special 2015 - available now!

By Newgate Productions, Jan 2 2016 09:14AM

Don't take down your decorations yet - The Monster Hunters are back for a brand new Christmas adventure!

When Roy Steel buys Lorrimer Chesterfield the world's ugliest mirror, he has no idea what he brought home with it. As The Monster Hunters wake up to it's full horror, Lorrimer must assemble a team of experts at London University to investigate just what lurks inside the mirror.

There's a rapping on the glass, a locked room and a Roy Steel with nothing to punch. Prepare yourselves for The Rapping on the Mirror.

Written and directed by Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock.

With Matthew Woodcock (Roy Steel), Peter Davis (Lorrimer Chesterfield), Kelly Quick (Lauren Asher), William McGeough (Guy Devlin), Laura Marshall (Mrs. Mann) and Simon Kane (Sir Maxwell House)

Music by Simon Magus. For more information, see

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