The Monster Hunters and the Box of Desires...AVAILABLE NOW!

By Newgate Productions, Dec 30 2014 06:21PM

Draw the curtains, stoke the fire and attach an intravenous drip of scotch because it's time for The Monster Hunters Christmas special!

Roy and Lorrimer are back in (we hope) their most chilling adventure yet. Summoned by Telex and the promise of danger to a remote Swiss castle, Roy Steel finds that he may be too late to save Lorrimer Chesterfield from a fate created by his own curiosity. What links the mysterious creature stalking the grounds to the writings of minor 17th century philosopher Simon Diablo? What does cream of scotch branded instant soup actually taste like? What is the reason for Frau Goesler's gallows humour? All or some of these questions will be answered as we settle down for the Monster Hunters ghost story for Christmas, available to download or stream ethereally, much like a spectre...

Written and directed by Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock, with Matthew Woodcock as Roy Steel, Peter Davis as Lorrimer Chesterfield, Laura Marshall as Frau Goesler and Simon Kane as Klimt and Sir Maxwell House. Contains music by ERH, licensed under the Creative Commons attribution non commercial licence.

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