The Whispering Fog: available now!

By Newgate Productions, Dec 23 2013 06:11PM

Light the fire, draw the curtains, pour yourself a soup and draw close. The Monster Hunters have returned for Christmas in The Whispering Fog.

Finding themselves transported back to Victorian London, Roy and Lorrimer have gone into business as supernatural detectives. When they are asked to investigate the dissappearance of young governess Kitty Adair by her sister Emily, they discover a more dark and terrible horror. One that lurks the streets of London, looking to feast.

We're pleased to welcome back Ben Whitehead, who has worked extensively with Aardman Animations, notably in The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists and is their official 'stunt Wallace' for the Wallace and Gromit series, having voiced him for computer games and the BBC Proms. 'Ben worked with us on our Halloween special and it was a pleasure to ask him back to play the mysterious Mr. Blackscar.' Peter Davis, co-writer said.

So don't delay, download The Whispering Fog now! For best effect, please then copy on to a wax cylindar, then impress your friends with the marvels of this new fangled 'recorded sound'.

Written and directed by Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock. With Matthew Woodcock as Mr. Roy Steel, Peter Davis as Professor Lorrimer Chesterfield, Laura Marshall as Mrs. Emily Hawker and her sister, Kitty Adair, Keven Haney as PC Jenkings, Nichole Brodie as Mrs. MacGuffin and Ben Whitehead as Mr. Hodley Blackscar.

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