Title change for episode 2, and episode 3 news

By Newgate Productions, Apr 22 2013 10:31AM

Episode 2, previously announced as The Vine-al Problem, has had a change of name before its release in May.

The story, a two hander which sees Roy and Lorrimer at the mercy of a terrifying killer plant, will now be called Green Prison of Death. Matthew Woodcock explained, 'Peter and I both liked the original title, what with it being a play on the Sherlock Holmes story The Final Problem. Then I felt immensly guilty, because it is a terrible pun. So we both decided to make the change.'

Green Prison of Death is something of a departure for the series as it is set entirely in Roy and Lorrimer's flat. 'Having set up the idea of a the fellas living together, it only seemed right to see what happens when they're on their own together,' said Matthew. 'Think of it as a 1970s sitcom with monsters!'

Let's hope they survive their tenticular terror, because in June The Monster Hunters are up against The Prey of MANTIS, an episode that sees Lorrimer marked for death by a fearsome technological foe and the return of Inspector Grabber, last seen in The Hour of the Witch.

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