By Newgate Productions, Aug 2 2012 08:32AM

The first audio series of The Monster Hunters is now complete and online, but there's still more to look forward to, as Roy and Lorrimer are back on stage this weekend at the Camden Fringe.

The Monster Hunters Live is on stage at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden High Street on the 4th and 5th August at 9pm. Tickets are only £10 (£8 concessions). You can book tickets here.

There's more information on the stage show at our On Stage page and at the Camden Fringe website. You can also find details of buses and trains, as well as a helpful TfL journey planner on the Etcetera Theatre website.

So why not come along and say hello?

By Newgate Productions, May 1 2012 07:00PM

Episode three of The Monster Hunters, The Hand of Anubis, is now available from iTunes and here at Lorrimer recieves a package from Egypt on the anniversary of his wife's death and once more faces the terror of an ancient curse that has marked him for death. Can Roy save Lorrimer before the curse claims it's final victim? Meanwhile, Sir Maxwell has invented a new cocktail.

The Hand of Anubis, written by and starring Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock as Lorrimer Chesterfield and Roy Steel, with Simon Dylan-Kane as Sir Maxwell House and Laura Marshall as Margot Chesterfield.

By Newgate Productions, Apr 5 2012 08:00AM

WHAT are the contents of the mysterious package from Egypt addressed to Lorrimer Chestefield?

IS the title of episode three a clue, or simply a coincidence?

HAS the greatest monster hunting mind of the 1970s fallen victim to an ancient curse?

WHAT use, if any, is Sir Maxwell House? Or will he be plying our heroes with drink again?

Join us and discover the truth behind the death of Margot Chesterfield in episode three of The Monster Hunters, The Hand of Anubis. Available for streaming and download from 1st May.

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