By Newgate Productions, Jan 2 2016 09:14AM

Don't take down your decorations yet - The Monster Hunters are back for a brand new Christmas adventure!

When Roy Steel buys Lorrimer Chesterfield the world's ugliest mirror, he has no idea what he brought home with it. As The Monster Hunters wake up to it's full horror, Lorrimer must assemble a team of experts at London University to investigate just what lurks inside the mirror.

There's a rapping on the glass, a locked room and a Roy Steel with nothing to punch. Prepare yourselves for The Rapping on the Mirror.

Written and directed by Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock.

With Matthew Woodcock (Roy Steel), Peter Davis (Lorrimer Chesterfield), Kelly Quick (Lauren Asher), William McGeough (Guy Devlin), Laura Marshall (Mrs. Mann) and Simon Kane (Sir Maxwell House)

Music by Simon Magus. For more information, see

By Newgate Productions, Dec 3 2015 10:20AM

"It mustn't touch the mirror...whatever you're doing, switch off. Switch off now!"

The Monster Hunters return this Christmas for their most chilling adventure yet. Our advice? Listen. And don't touch the mirror. Don't even stay in the same room as the mirror. And don't offer it a drink.

By Newgate Productions, Dec 30 2014 06:21PM

Draw the curtains, stoke the fire and attach an intravenous drip of scotch because it's time for The Monster Hunters Christmas special!

Roy and Lorrimer are back in (we hope) their most chilling adventure yet. Summoned by Telex and the promise of danger to a remote Swiss castle, Roy Steel finds that he may be too late to save Lorrimer Chesterfield from a fate created by his own curiosity. What links the mysterious creature stalking the grounds to the writings of minor 17th century philosopher Simon Diablo? What does cream of scotch branded instant soup actually taste like? What is the reason for Frau Goesler's gallows humour? All or some of these questions will be answered as we settle down for the Monster Hunters ghost story for Christmas, available to download or stream ethereally, much like a spectre...

Written and directed by Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock, with Matthew Woodcock as Roy Steel, Peter Davis as Lorrimer Chesterfield, Laura Marshall as Frau Goesler and Simon Kane as Klimt and Sir Maxwell House. Contains music by ERH, licensed under the Creative Commons attribution non commercial licence.

By Newgate Productions, Dec 19 2014 12:13PM

A terrible box that must never be opened...

An ancient horror, its talons on a mission to kill!

A dark night, a fearsome tale, an instant soup. It can only be The Monster Hunters Christmas Special!

Join us for The Box of Desires, our ghost story for Christmas, written by and starring Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock, with Laura Marshall and Simon Kane. Coming to haunt your ears very soon.

By Newgate Productions, Dec 23 2013 06:11PM

Light the fire, draw the curtains, pour yourself a soup and draw close. The Monster Hunters have returned for Christmas in The Whispering Fog.

Finding themselves transported back to Victorian London, Roy and Lorrimer have gone into business as supernatural detectives. When they are asked to investigate the dissappearance of young governess Kitty Adair by her sister Emily, they discover a more dark and terrible horror. One that lurks the streets of London, looking to feast.

We're pleased to welcome back Ben Whitehead, who has worked extensively with Aardman Animations, notably in The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists and is their official 'stunt Wallace' for the Wallace and Gromit series, having voiced him for computer games and the BBC Proms. 'Ben worked with us on our Halloween special and it was a pleasure to ask him back to play the mysterious Mr. Blackscar.' Peter Davis, co-writer said.

So don't delay, download The Whispering Fog now! For best effect, please then copy on to a wax cylindar, then impress your friends with the marvels of this new fangled 'recorded sound'.

Written and directed by Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock. With Matthew Woodcock as Mr. Roy Steel, Peter Davis as Professor Lorrimer Chesterfield, Laura Marshall as Mrs. Emily Hawker and her sister, Kitty Adair, Keven Haney as PC Jenkings, Nichole Brodie as Mrs. MacGuffin and Ben Whitehead as Mr. Hodley Blackscar.

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