By Newgate Productions, May 1 2018 08:00AM

Uncork the scotch and make yourself a branded instant soup as we have exciting news: the second half of series three is on the way and we're teaming up with Definitely Human Productions to make it happen.

Definitely Human have been producing podcasts since 2014, first with The Bunker, a fictional breakfast radio show set in the post-apocalypse; then with Mars based sitcom MarsCorp, the first episode of which was picked by Wired as one of their podcasts of the week. They currently produce the role playing game horror series The Infinite Bad, so The Monster Hunters should be in perfect company. It feels like the perfect fit.’ says Matthew, who co-writes and plays Roy Steel. ‘I’ve had the pleasure of working on MarsCorp and other projects with them for the last four years and I think they’re the right people to be looking after Roy and Lorrimer. I’m really pleased to have the chance to bring the story we’ve been building up to over the last few episodes to its exciting and gruesome conclusion!’

In addition to brand new episodes there’ll be a chance to catch up with the story so far as The Monster Hunters’ back catalogue will also be available. There’s a full 24 episodes to enjoy, comprising the first two series', the first half of series 3 and a number of special Christmas and Halloween episodes. But there’s still something there for long term listeners as each episode will include bonus content going behind the scenes to explore the genesis of the Monster Hunters so whether you’re a new listener or old, you’re in for a fang-tastic time.

You can find out more about Definitely Human and their shows by visiting their website. If you want to support their work and help make more of shows a reality, you can subscribe to their Patreon.

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