By Newgate Productions, Aug 2 2012 08:32AM

The first audio series of The Monster Hunters is now complete and online, but there's still more to look forward to, as Roy and Lorrimer are back on stage this weekend at the Camden Fringe.

The Monster Hunters Live is on stage at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden High Street on the 4th and 5th August at 9pm. Tickets are only £10 (£8 concessions). You can book tickets here.

There's more information on the stage show at our On Stage page and at the Camden Fringe website. You can also find details of buses and trains, as well as a helpful TfL journey planner on the Etcetera Theatre website.

So why not come along and say hello?

By Newgate Productions, Jun 15 2012 07:30AM

We are pleased to announce that The Monster Hunters stage show will be returning this summer as part of the Camden Fringe.

'It's great to be able to bring Roy and Lorrimer back to the theatre - it's where they started.' Said Matthew Woodcock, who plays Roy Steel and co-wrote the play with Peter Davis.

First performed as part of the 2011 London Horror Festival, The Monster Hunters sees Lorrimer Chesterfield and Roy Steel called in to investigate the vampiric evil that lies behind the Discotheque of Nights. On the way, their past comes back to haunt them in the form of a hideous bog monster and an ancient Egyptian curse...

Listeners to the audio series might notice a few similarities in the stage show. 'When we came to put together an audio version, we re-used some of the stories we'd performed on stage,' Matthew explained. 'But there's a lot that's different, by virtue of working in a different medium. There are great gags that work well on stage but just wouldn't translate to audio. Episode three is a great example of this: it takes the idea of the Hand of Anubis and really fleshes it out, so to speak! It's a very different piece on audio than on stage.'

The Monster Hunters is at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden on the 4th and 5th of August at 9pm. Tickets: £10, £8 concessions and can be booked from the Camden Fringe website.

By Newgate Productions, Apr 20 2012 01:20PM

The comprehensive website for lovers of audio plays, Radio Drama Reviews, has given episode one of The Monster Hunters a great review.

Reviewer Laurence Raw says, ‘This podcast is a rare breed - a successful horror film spoof that nonetheless pays homage to its various sources.’

You can read the review here.

By Newgate Productions, Mar 15 2012 09:12AM

The Discotheque of Nights has been given five out of five by Geek Syndicate.

The geek culture website said episode one ‘has it’s tongue so firmly in it’s cheek that it threatens to rip said cheek apart and I loved every crazy minute of this audio parody.’

You can read the full review on their website, and you can listen to episode one from our episodes page.

By Newgate Productions, Mar 15 2012 09:00AM

The Monster Hunters get their claws into a terrifying mystery this April, as the team travels to

Devonshire on the trail of a werewolf.

In The Heir of the Dog, The Monster Hunters are summoned by Tony Hands, England’s Richest Man, to his stately home, where not even his high tech golden security system can protect the team from a beast stalking the moors, killing people and breaking fences without remorse. As night falls and the evil prepares to strike again, the situation is complicated by the mysterious and beautiful Madeline Lockheart.

Joining Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock are Monster Hunters regular Laura Marshall as Madeline and Panny Skrivanos as Tony Hands, making this episode something of a re-union for all involved. The whole cast had previously worked together in Sherlock Holmes Strikes Back! for award winning audio producers The Wireless Theatre Company. ‘It was only a matter of time before we got the gang back together, it was just a question of finding the right parts.’ said co-writer Peter Davis. Panny has previously appeared with Louis De Bernieres in Sunday Morning at the End of the World

at the Southwark Playhouse and is no stranger to horror, having performed in Grand Guignol for

Theatre of the Damned.

The Heir of the Dog will be an important episode for Lorrimer Chesterfield. ‘Lorrimer isn’t good around women, and this is the first time a woman has been interested in him who doesn’t want to drink his blood.’ Peter said. ‘But just what caused Lorrimer’s fear of women will have to wait until episode three…’

You can hear Sherlock Holmes Strikes Back! for free at the Wireless Theatre Company’s website, where it is still one of the company’s top five downloads following its release in September 2011. The Heir of the Dog will be available on iTunes and here at the Monster Hunters website on the 1st April.

Panny Skrivanos, joining The Monster Hunters this April
Panny Skrivanos, joining The Monster Hunters this April
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