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WITNESS! A fiendish doctor with a lust for brains!

EXPERIENCE! The horror of his menagerie of beasts!

GASP! At the exciting return of The Monster Hunters!

Roy Steel and Lorrimer Chesterfield return in


The exciting first episode of the second series of The Monster Hunters, written by and starring Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock, with Nick Lucas, Lucy McCormick, Panny Skrivanos and Simon Kane as Sir Maxwell House.

Available from 1st April to stream and download here and from all good branches of iTunes.

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Taste the Scars of Orloff, the Monster Hunters Halloween special, is now available to stream and download.

Returning to England following the events of episode 6 (as well as a 'brief' stopover in Nice), Roy and Lorrimer discover Sir Maxwell House's house under the control of Count Orloff and London overun with vampires!

Cut off from their boss and on the run, can the Monster Hunters save the country from a bloody future? And just what hold has Dr. Ladyface over Roy (the clue is in the name)?

Taste the Scars of Orloff is available from iTunes or right here!

Written by and starring Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock with Kevin Haney as Peter Card, Jade Allen as Dr. Ladyface, Andera Cullum as the Waitress and Simon Kane as Count Orloff.

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IS Roy Steel's visit to the town of Karnstadt the work or a devious mastermind or an over enthusaistic tourist board?

WHO is Lord Greg Powers and what grudge does he hold against our heroes?

CAN Lorrimer Chersterfield save Roy from a perilous fate of terror or will his own problems overwhelm him?

Join us on the 1st August for The Powers of Lord Greg, the sixth and final episode of this series of The Monster Hunters!

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Episode 5 of The Monster Hunters is now available to stream and download from here and iTunes, and this month the boys are going underground...

Roy and Lorrimer come to the aid of noted archeologist Edward Travers, whose partners have died, horrifically mutilated to death. Following the Professor underground, the Monster Hunters face the ancient powers of a Voodoo goddess.

Meanwhile, Sir Maxwell is on a mission of his own. To be reunited with Tiffany.

The Voodoo Zombies of the Snake Woman was written by and stars Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock, with Paul Thompson as Travers and Simon Dylan-Kane as Sir Maxwell House and Kenneth.

Don't forget The Monster Hunters is live on stage at the Etcetera Theate for this year's Camden Fringe, and return here next month, for the thrilling climax to the series!

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The fourth episode of The Monster Hunters, The Hour of the Witch is now available to stream or download.

Called in by Scotland Yard to investigate the ritual murder of a naked girl, Lorrimer Chesterfield knows this spells trouble. Trouble spelt with a W and ending in 'itchcraft'. Can he put a stop to the terrible new thrill that the rich, bored young women of London are turning to like a pack of rich bored young women? Or will he just get shouted at by Inspector Grabber a lot?

Meanwhile, when Roy meets the beautiful Octavia in a nightclub, little does he know the trouble it will cause him...

The Hour of the Witch is written by and stars Matthew Woodcock and Peter Davis with Kate Quinn as Octavia, Kevin Haney as Detective Inspector Grabber, Amy Larcombe as Janice and Andrea Cullum as Lillith. You can listen to it here of from iTunes.

Amy Larcombe, Kate Quinn, Andrea Cullum and Kevin Haney
Amy Larcombe, Kate Quinn, Andrea Cullum and Kevin Haney
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