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The last episode of the current series of The Monster Hunters is here. A tale whose raw power will change the way you see life, and more importantly yourself, forever. Guaranteed, or your money back*

Roy Steel is heading to Karnstadt, but what waits for him in this rural idyll? A beach? Girls? Or terror? Terror via the medium of pain?

Lorrimer Chesterfield is left alone, with only Sir Maxwell House for company. Are his fears for Roy's safety valid, or is he just jealous because he's not been sent on a smart holiday?

Together, our heroes are an indomitable force, protecting the country from the creatures of the night. But alone, will they be able to prevent a terrible man from crushing them like those little cups you get in car showrooms?

Find out just what are the powers of Lord Greg in The Powers of Lord Greg, available to download from iTunes or right here on!

Written by and starring Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock, with Laura Marshall as Tanya and Simon Dylan-Kane as Sir Maxwell House

*You cats know this is a free podcast, right? Great. Just checking.

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You've heard his name in almost every episode of The Monster Hunters - Lord Greg Powers, the man of mystery last seen in South America hunting bog monsters. What is his agenda? Why does he want Roy Steel dead?

So what do we know so far? In The Discotheque of Nights, we learnt that Roy Steel is only the world's second greatest big game hunter. Indeed, when Sir Maxwell House recommended the best hunters in the business to Tony Hands in The Heir of the Dog, it wasn't Roy and Lorrimer he was expecting, but a certain Lord Greg P -.

We get our first glimpse of Lord Greg at the the end of The Hand of Anubis, as we discover that Lord Greg and his factotum Clive have been watching our heroes' battle with the terrorful Anubis. Indeed, Lord Greg seems to consider it some kind of test...

So where is this leading us? Roy is on his way to a holiday in Karnstadt, the very same village Lord Greg was building a bog monster of his own in at the end of The Voodoo Zombies of the Snake Woman. Was that the reason he was in San Pedro? What evil will it inflict on the simple folk of Karnstadt? And with Lorrimer stuck with Sir Maxwell, how will he stop Roy from falling into Lord Greg Powers' powerful clutches?


You can find out on the 1st August.

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