By Newgate Productions, Jul 1 2013 02:49PM

Rejoice! It's July 1st, which means the latest episode of The Monster Hunters is available to stream and download.

In X: The Terror from Beneath, Roy and Lorrimer travel to the village of Unstable to investigate the potential nest of the mythical Beast of Albion, but could what they discover be both inner and extra terrestrial?

Meanwhile, Griselda Promogrew, Roy's mysterious new girlfriend, is making her presence felt. It's something Lorrimer is none too pleased about...

This episode, we're delighted to welcome Daniel Lomas to the team. Daniel provided us with some fantastic sound effects for this episode and we'll be looking forward to working with him in the future. 'We were looking for some suitably other worldly sounds to represent the terror from beneath, and Daniel was happy to oblige.' Said Matthew Woodcock. 'I hope you find them as unsettling as I did!'

If you want to hear some of Daniel's electronic music, why not head over to his soundcloud page here?

Written and driected by Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock. Starring Matthew Woodcock as Roy Steel, Peter Davis as Lorrimer Chesterfield, Claire Suarez as Dr. Alison Wellbeloved and Katy Danbury as Freda, with Susy Kane as Griselda Promogrew and Simon Kane as Sir Maxwell House

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SET COURSE for a million year old horror from beneath the very earth!

FEAR the creature from beneath! Fear its deadly legacy! A legacy of fear-y terror!

LISTEN! Listen to the sound of its screams!

Prepare yourself for the 1st of July and the chilling tale of


Episode 4 of The Monster Hunters, written by and starring Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock, with Claire Suarez, Katy Danbury, Susy Kane and Simon Kane as Sir Maxwell House

By Newgate Productions, Jun 1 2013 11:23PM

It's June, so BY LAW that means it's time to stream or download The Prey of MANTIS, series 2 episode 3 of The Monster Hunters.

With Roy and Griselda on holiday, it's down to Inspector Grabber to protect Lorrimer Chesterfield from the claws of MANTIS, a terrifying machine creature with an even more terrifying ego. Together they turn to the one person best placed to help them: Sir Maxwell House?!?

Meanwhile, what connects our electronic executioner with crazed head of scientific intelligence Colonel Dalby? Stop reading this right now and go and get your ears on The Prey of MANTIS!

Written and directed by Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock. Starring Peter Davis as Lorrimer Chesterfield, Matthew Woodcock as Roy Steel, Kevin Haney as DI Grabber, Nick Lucas as Colonel Dalby, Christine Hodges as Mother, Sean Garratt as Captain Bates, and Laura Marshall as MANTIS, with Simon Kane as Sir Maxwell House and Susy Kane as Griselda Promogrew.

Next Month: X: The Terror from Beneath

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MANTIS: A million pound brain with a printed circuit for a heart!

MANTIS: A computer designed to find a legendary beast. But first it must destroy!

MANTIS: Isn't even shaped like a man!

Feel fear that will curdle your eyebrows on 1st June when you download or stream:


Episode 3 of The Monster Hunters, written by and starring Peter Davis, Matthew Woodcock, Kevin Haney, Laura Marshall, Sean Garratt, Christine Hodges, Susy Kane and Simon Kane as Sir Maxwell House

By Newgate Productions, May 10 2013 09:00AM

It's finally happened: a woman has tamed the heart of Roy Steel! Griselda Promogrew is the mysterious new woman in Roy's life, one who might cause a little friction for our monster hunters.

'It's the first time we've seen Roy properly interested in someone, and it's a woman he knows absolutely nothing about!' Explained Matthew Woodcock, who plays Roy. 'Of course Lorrimer is going to be suspicious of any woman who can tolerate Roy for more than 30 seconds. But could Lorrimer's coolness towards Griselda damage their partnership?'

Griselda Promogrew is played by Susy Kane, familiar to listeners of Radio 4's Bleak Expectations as Pippa Bin. On television she has appeared in The Thick of It, Hattie, and has most recently been seen as Miss Denby in Nickelodeon's House of Anubis.

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