By Newgate Productions, Oct 31 2014 12:53PM

We’ve got a halloween treat for you, as the Monster Hunters live special – A Knife at the Museum is now available to stream and download!

When an old face from Sir Maxwell House’s past returns, Roy and Lorrimer embark on an adventure that takes them from a high class London restaurant to the disused underground station of Devil’s Halt. What links Sir Maxwell to a gruesome and bloody death? Join The Monster Hunters for an adventure that could possible shake them to their very cores! Or not.

This episode was recorded in front of a live audience at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden as part of the 2014 London Horror Festival. This means that it might sound a little different to our regular episodes but it should still, we hope, be an enjoyable ride.

Written by Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock. With Matthew Woodcock as Roy Steel, Peter Davis as Lorrimer Chesterfield and Slenderweave, Laura Marshall as Genevieve and Ada, and Simon Kane as Sir Maxwell House.

Setting the stage for The Monster Hunters Live.
Setting the stage for The Monster Hunters Live.

By Newgate Productions, Sep 23 2014 12:36PM

There's a chance to see as well as hear The Monster Hunters as we go back to our roots and return to the stage!

We've been a bit quiet for a few months, but we're pleased to tell you we'll be back with a new episode that will be recorded in front of a live audience at this year's London Horror Festival. The festival is an annual event celebrating the best in horror - performance. Newgate Productions' first Monster Hunters stageplay was performed at the first horror festival in 2011.

We're keeping the plot tightly under wraps, but rest assured Roy Steel and Lorrimer Chesterfield will come face to face with a fiendish foe that will tax their mental as well as fist based powers. Scotch may also be involved.

If you want to see Roy and Lorrimer in the flesh and get a glimpse of the glamour that is a recording session for The Monster Hunters, you can join us at 7.30pm on 23rd October at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden. Tickets are on sale now and you can buy them from the London Horror Festival website here

By Newgate Productions, Jul 15 2014 12:45PM

The voice of Roy Steel, Matthew Woodcock, will be reprising his role as Peter Cushing in August when The Gentlemen of Horror returns to theatres, this time as part of the Camden Fringe.

The play, first performed last year, tells the story of the friendship between Cushing and his Hammer co-star Christopher Lee over a period of 20 years as Lee becomes an international star, while Peter Cushing fades into a life of quiet obscurity.

Written by James Goss (writer of the award winning Doctor Who: Dead Air) and directed by Kate Webster, you can catch The Gentlemen of Horror from 2nd - 7th August at the Phoenix Artist Club on Charing Cross Road. For more details and tickets, please visit the Camden Fringe website here.

By Newgate Productions, Dec 23 2013 06:11PM

Light the fire, draw the curtains, pour yourself a soup and draw close. The Monster Hunters have returned for Christmas in The Whispering Fog.

Finding themselves transported back to Victorian London, Roy and Lorrimer have gone into business as supernatural detectives. When they are asked to investigate the dissappearance of young governess Kitty Adair by her sister Emily, they discover a more dark and terrible horror. One that lurks the streets of London, looking to feast.

We're pleased to welcome back Ben Whitehead, who has worked extensively with Aardman Animations, notably in The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists and is their official 'stunt Wallace' for the Wallace and Gromit series, having voiced him for computer games and the BBC Proms. 'Ben worked with us on our Halloween special and it was a pleasure to ask him back to play the mysterious Mr. Blackscar.' Peter Davis, co-writer said.

So don't delay, download The Whispering Fog now! For best effect, please then copy on to a wax cylindar, then impress your friends with the marvels of this new fangled 'recorded sound'.

Written and directed by Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock. With Matthew Woodcock as Mr. Roy Steel, Peter Davis as Professor Lorrimer Chesterfield, Laura Marshall as Mrs. Emily Hawker and her sister, Kitty Adair, Keven Haney as PC Jenkings, Nichole Brodie as Mrs. MacGuffin and Ben Whitehead as Mr. Hodley Blackscar.

By Newgate Productions, Dec 22 2013 01:11PM

UPDATE: 21:27 Sunday 22nd December - We've now had it clarified that Apple's email referrs to brand new podcasts only and not to new episodes of existing ones, which means we'll be available to everyone at the same time! Christmas has not been cancelled! Thanks to Jeff Wadell on Facebook and @TheWhoCat on twitter for your help with this.

The Whispering Fog, our Christmas special for 2013, is set for release on Monday 23rd December but if you're an iTunes subscriber, you will find this delayed until after the 27th.

Apple have suspended their 'Submit a Podcast' function from 21st December to 27th December, which means that the Christmas Special will not appear on the iTunes service until after this date. We're dissapointed that this is the case, and especially dissapointed that no explanation has been given in the email sent to podcasters by Apple.

If you want to get your fix of The Monster Hunters before Christmas (and who doesn't?), you will still be able to access The Whispering Fog directly from our website and from the page provided by our publisher, Libsyn. We also believe third party podcasting clients such as Downcast will remain unaffected.

We'd like to apologise to anyone who downloads exclusively from iTunes, and hope you'll still be able to enjoy Roy and Lorrimer's latest adventure by visiting us here.

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