By Newgate Productions, Dec 22 2013 01:11PM

UPDATE: 21:27 Sunday 22nd December - We've now had it clarified that Apple's email referrs to brand new podcasts only and not to new episodes of existing ones, which means we'll be available to everyone at the same time! Christmas has not been cancelled! Thanks to Jeff Wadell on Facebook and @TheWhoCat on twitter for your help with this.

The Whispering Fog, our Christmas special for 2013, is set for release on Monday 23rd December but if you're an iTunes subscriber, you will find this delayed until after the 27th.

Apple have suspended their 'Submit a Podcast' function from 21st December to 27th December, which means that the Christmas Special will not appear on the iTunes service until after this date. We're dissapointed that this is the case, and especially dissapointed that no explanation has been given in the email sent to podcasters by Apple.

If you want to get your fix of The Monster Hunters before Christmas (and who doesn't?), you will still be able to access The Whispering Fog directly from our website and from the page provided by our publisher, Libsyn. We also believe third party podcasting clients such as Downcast will remain unaffected.

We'd like to apologise to anyone who downloads exclusively from iTunes, and hope you'll still be able to enjoy Roy and Lorrimer's latest adventure by visiting us here.

By Newgate Productions, Dec 13 2013 01:07PM

BEWARE! The deadly killer that stalks the streets of Old London Town!

PONDER! The terrifying secret that terrifies behind the door of a terrifying house!

COWER! From the housekeeper who lives only for kippers!

Join Roy Steel and Lorrimer Chesterfield as they spend Christmas avoiding the chilling embrace of


The Monster Hunters Christmas Special, written by and starring Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock, with Laura Marshall, Ben Whitehead, Nichole Brodie and Kevin Haney.

Free to download this Christmas!

Image © Samuel Woodcock 2013
Image © Samuel Woodcock 2013

By Newgate Productions, Nov 15 2013 04:21PM

Whilst you’re waiting for your next fix of monster hunting, why not pop to the theatre to explore the friendship between two of British horror’s greatest names, as played by stars of The Monster Hunters?

Matthew Woodcock (Roy Steel) and Simon Kane (Sir Maxwell House) will be appearing as Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee in The Gentlemen of Horror – Mr. Cushing and Mr. Lee by award-winning writer and producer James Goss (Doctor Who – Dead Air, as well as books for Torchwood and Being Human). The play is directed by Kate Webster. Charting the history of their friendship, the play begins in the 1950s, when Peter Cushing was one of the most famous actors in Britain and Christopher Lee was unknown. We follow them over the next 25 years, as Christopher Lee becomes internationally famous and Peter Cushing gradually retires into a life of quiet obscurity. And yet neither quite lost their taste for blood...

You can catch The Gentlemen of Horror: Mr Cushing and Mr Lee at the Woolwich Grand Theatre from 27th – 29th November. The play will be followed by a screening of one of our favourites, Dracula: AD 1972, which served as inspiration for The Monster Hunters.

For tickets and more details, visit

By Newgate Productions, Nov 13 2013 04:33PM

We are pleased to announce that The Monster Hunters will return in December for our special Christmas adventure entitled The Whispering Fog.

Following on from the cliffhanger at the end of Bride of the Deep, the Christmas special will join Roy and Lorrimer as they come to terms with their new situation and face a chilling threat on Christmas Eve. 'As it's the Christmas special, it's only right that we mix in a little bit of fear amongst the usual puns. Everyone loves a scare at Christmas!' said Matthew Woodcock, co-writer.

Look no further than this very website for more information soon!

By Newgate Productions, Oct 31 2013 11:50PM

Halloween has returned once again, and haunting your local MP3 player like an impressive ghost is The Monster Hunters Halloween special 2013!

Three months after the events of The Beast of Albion, Lorrimer Chesterfield's finding Monster Hunting a bit of a challenge. Resolving to restore the status quo, he's off on a mission. A mission that leads him to a cruise liner in the Mediterranean, a mysterious and lovely singer with an aversion to cooked seafood and a meeting with an old friend who may or may not be Roy Steel. Will it actually be Roy? Or are we going to string this out for a few months longer? Find out in Bride of the Deep!

Written and directed by Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock. Starring Peter Davis as Lorrimer Chesterfield, Alex Hall as Mike Flavours, Ben Whitehead as Danny Organ, Amelia Cavallo as Lucy Landless, Neil Foster as the Regent and Simon Kane as Sir Maxwell House.

Bride of the Deep is available to stream or download directly to your ears now.

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