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WITNESS! A fiendish doctor with a lust for brains!

EXPERIENCE! The horror of his menagerie of beasts!

GASP! At the exciting return of The Monster Hunters!

Roy Steel and Lorrimer Chesterfield return in


The exciting first episode of the second series of The Monster Hunters, written by and starring Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock, with Nick Lucas, Lucy McCormick, Panny Skrivanos and Simon Kane as Sir Maxwell House.

Available from 1st April to stream and download here and from all good branches of iTunes.

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Newgate Productions are returning to the stage next month with their first non-Monster Hunters related work, The St. Valentine’s Day Murder.

A normal night at a speed dating event takes a macabre turn when one of the members is found dead. Just who is the killer in their midst? It’s up to Jean Pierre Le Poulet, the world’s greatest detective, to find out…

The St. Valentine's Day Murder was first produced as an audio play by the Wireless Theatre Company in 2011. The play has been re-formatted to work as stage production. Writer and director Peter Davis explained: ‘It was so much fun that I wanted to do it on the stage. It's a fun piece that starts off as a speed dating event featuring some rather strange individuals, then after a body is found it becomes a murder mystery spoof.’

So why should Monster Hunters fans come along? ‘They will see a lot in common with the Monster Hunters,’ Peter told us. ‘For example, the character that Matthew plays, the world famous detective Jean-Pierre Le Poulet, is actually quite similar to Roy Steel.’ Was that deliberate? ‘Not at all! But I think you can think of him as a past incarnation of the character.’

There will also be a few familiar faces taking part. ‘That’s right,’ Peter said. ‘A few cast members who were in the audio version and are now in the play have appeared in the Monster Hunters, including Laura Marshall (Madeleine Lockheart, Mrs. Brownlow and various other characters), Jade Allen (Doctor Ladyface) and Kevin Haney (DI Grabber, Peter Card).’

The play runs from the 14th – 16th February at the Lost Theatre, Wandsworth. For more information and tickets, please visit our page here

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Newgate Productions are pleased to announce a second series of The Monster Hunters will commence in the spring.

Kicking off the new series will be the ever-so-cryptically titled They Stole Lorrimer’s Brain!, which will see Roy Steel race against time to recover his friend and flatmate’s most vital organ. But hang on, flatmate? ‘If you’ve heard the Christmas special, then you’ll know the status quo changed quite dramatically for Roy and Lorrimer,' said Matthew Woodcock. ‘It’s something that we’ll certainly be exploring early in series two. Just how do Roy and Lorrimer get along with each other when they’re stuck together at home?’

So what fiends from the depths of hell await our heroes this year? ‘I don’t want to give too much away, but Matthew and I sat down with a big book of monsters and looked for the ones we haven’t faced yet,’ explained co-writer Peter Davis. ‘It was effectively a game of monster bingo.’

As with last year’s series, there will be an on-going story running through the episodes. ‘It’s something you’ve heard of before,’ Matthew said. ‘We dropped a reference into the last episode of series one, so if you can’t wait a few months, go back and see if you can work it out!’

More titles and information will be revealed here in the next few months…

Roy and Lorrimer, preparing themselves for a second series...
Roy and Lorrimer, preparing themselves for a second series...

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Christmas is approaching, so draw close to the fire, make yourself a mince pie flavoured branded instant soup and pour yourself a scotch as it's time for a ghost story...

Roy Steel has a wife. A wife with a rambling country house, cursed with a malevolent presence. Invited to investigate, Roy and Lorrimer find themselves snowed in with no electricity and only a taciturn housekeeper and the simmering tensions of Roy's failed marriage for company. Can our heroes survive the night and lay the ghosts, both literal and metaphorical, to rest?

The Haunting of Roy Steel is available on iTunes or right here!

Written by and starring Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock with Andrea Cullum as Virginia and Laura Marshall as Mrs. Brownlow.

By Newgate Productions, Dec 17 2012 12:06PM

WHY is Roy’s wife sat in Roy’s flat? What does she want with Roy? How many times can you put the word Roy into a paragraph?

WHAT horrors lie in the spooky old house? Do the secrets of its curse lie in the mind of Mrs. Brownlow?

HOW? Just how?

Join us soon for The Monster Hunters Christmas Special The Haunting of Roy Steel!

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