By Newgate Productions, Jan 8 2013 12:56PM

Newgate Productions are pleased to announce a second series of The Monster Hunters will commence in the spring.

Kicking off the new series will be the ever-so-cryptically titled They Stole Lorrimer’s Brain!, which will see Roy Steel race against time to recover his friend and flatmate’s most vital organ. But hang on, flatmate? ‘If you’ve heard the Christmas special, then you’ll know the status quo changed quite dramatically for Roy and Lorrimer,' said Matthew Woodcock. ‘It’s something that we’ll certainly be exploring early in series two. Just how do Roy and Lorrimer get along with each other when they’re stuck together at home?’

So what fiends from the depths of hell await our heroes this year? ‘I don’t want to give too much away, but Matthew and I sat down with a big book of monsters and looked for the ones we haven’t faced yet,’ explained co-writer Peter Davis. ‘It was effectively a game of monster bingo.’

As with last year’s series, there will be an on-going story running through the episodes. ‘It’s something you’ve heard of before,’ Matthew said. ‘We dropped a reference into the last episode of series one, so if you can’t wait a few months, go back and see if you can work it out!’

More titles and information will be revealed here in the next few months…

Roy and Lorrimer, preparing themselves for a second series...
Roy and Lorrimer, preparing themselves for a second series...

By Newgate Productions, Dec 17 2012 12:06PM

WHY is Roy’s wife sat in Roy’s flat? What does she want with Roy? How many times can you put the word Roy into a paragraph?

WHAT horrors lie in the spooky old house? Do the secrets of its curse lie in the mind of Mrs. Brownlow?

HOW? Just how?

Join us soon for The Monster Hunters Christmas Special The Haunting of Roy Steel!

By Newgate Productions, Nov 30 2012 09:00AM

By now you'll have heard our special 45 minute Halloween episode. If not, why not? Pop over to the episodes page now and come back. There, did you like it? If the answer is yes then you're in luck, because we're back at Christmas with another brand new special!

Entitled The Haunting of Roy Steel, the episode will resolve the unexpected cliffhanger to the Halloween special, which saw Roy coming face to face with a figure from his past, as well as pit the team against the supernatural. There will also be some jokes as well.

'We're always looking for ways to enrich the characters and world of The Monster Hunters,' said Matthew Woodcock, co-writer and the voice of Roy Steel. 'As we had spent a lot of series one exploring Lorrimer's background, it seemed right that we look into Roy's past as well. It's a chance to see how Roy will react in the last situatuion you would expect him in.'

To find out just how Roy will cope with the shocking return of the one person he hoped he would never see again, keep your eyes on the website: we'll be posting more information very soon.

By Newgate Productions, Jun 1 2012 03:09PM

The fourth episode of The Monster Hunters, The Hour of the Witch is now available to stream or download.

Called in by Scotland Yard to investigate the ritual murder of a naked girl, Lorrimer Chesterfield knows this spells trouble. Trouble spelt with a W and ending in 'itchcraft'. Can he put a stop to the terrible new thrill that the rich, bored young women of London are turning to like a pack of rich bored young women? Or will he just get shouted at by Inspector Grabber a lot?

Meanwhile, when Roy meets the beautiful Octavia in a nightclub, little does he know the trouble it will cause him...

The Hour of the Witch is written by and stars Matthew Woodcock and Peter Davis with Kate Quinn as Octavia, Kevin Haney as Detective Inspector Grabber, Amy Larcombe as Janice and Andrea Cullum as Lillith. You can listen to it here of from iTunes.

Amy Larcombe, Kate Quinn, Andrea Cullum and Kevin Haney
Amy Larcombe, Kate Quinn, Andrea Cullum and Kevin Haney

By Newgate Productions, May 16 2012 08:02AM

WHAT terrorful craze is sweeping through the innocent ladies of London like some kind of terrorful craze?

WILL Roy Steel become a victim of temptation?

CAN Lorrimer Chesterfield convince the police to drive at a sensible speed?

Find out in The Hour of the Witch, episode four of The Monster Hunters. Available for streaming and download on June 1st!

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