By Newgate Productions, Aug 1 2012 04:15PM

The last episode of the current series of The Monster Hunters is here. A tale whose raw power will change the way you see life, and more importantly yourself, forever. Guaranteed, or your money back*

Roy Steel is heading to Karnstadt, but what waits for him in this rural idyll? A beach? Girls? Or terror? Terror via the medium of pain?

Lorrimer Chesterfield is left alone, with only Sir Maxwell House for company. Are his fears for Roy's safety valid, or is he just jealous because he's not been sent on a smart holiday?

Together, our heroes are an indomitable force, protecting the country from the creatures of the night. But alone, will they be able to prevent a terrible man from crushing them like those little cups you get in car showrooms?

Find out just what are the powers of Lord Greg in The Powers of Lord Greg, available to download from iTunes or right here on!

Written by and starring Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock, with Laura Marshall as Tanya and Simon Dylan-Kane as Sir Maxwell House

*You cats know this is a free podcast, right? Great. Just checking.

By Newgate Productions, Jul 24 2012 08:11AM

IS Roy Steel's visit to the town of Karnstadt the work or a devious mastermind or an over enthusaistic tourist board?

WHO is Lord Greg Powers and what grudge does he hold against our heroes?

CAN Lorrimer Chersterfield save Roy from a perilous fate of terror or will his own problems overwhelm him?

Join us on the 1st August for The Powers of Lord Greg, the sixth and final episode of this series of The Monster Hunters!

By Newgate Productions, Jul 1 2012 09:37PM

Episode 5 of The Monster Hunters is now available to stream and download from here and iTunes, and this month the boys are going underground...

Roy and Lorrimer come to the aid of noted archeologist Edward Travers, whose partners have died, horrifically mutilated to death. Following the Professor underground, the Monster Hunters face the ancient powers of a Voodoo goddess.

Meanwhile, Sir Maxwell is on a mission of his own. To be reunited with Tiffany.

The Voodoo Zombies of the Snake Woman was written by and stars Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock, with Paul Thompson as Travers and Simon Dylan-Kane as Sir Maxwell House and Kenneth.

Don't forget The Monster Hunters is live on stage at the Etcetera Theate for this year's Camden Fringe, and return here next month, for the thrilling climax to the series!

By Newgate Productions, Jun 20 2012 08:13AM

WHAT ancient evil is coiled beneath the streets of London?

ARE the living dead really on the loose? And could these two events be connected in some way? (HINT: Yes)

WHO is the mysterious Tiffany and what hold does she have over Sir Maxwell House?

Join us for The Voodoo Zombies of the Snake Woman, episode 5 of The Monster Hunters. Available for streaming and download on July 1st!

By Newgate Productions, Jun 15 2012 07:30AM

We are pleased to announce that The Monster Hunters stage show will be returning this summer as part of the Camden Fringe.

'It's great to be able to bring Roy and Lorrimer back to the theatre - it's where they started.' Said Matthew Woodcock, who plays Roy Steel and co-wrote the play with Peter Davis.

First performed as part of the 2011 London Horror Festival, The Monster Hunters sees Lorrimer Chesterfield and Roy Steel called in to investigate the vampiric evil that lies behind the Discotheque of Nights. On the way, their past comes back to haunt them in the form of a hideous bog monster and an ancient Egyptian curse...

Listeners to the audio series might notice a few similarities in the stage show. 'When we came to put together an audio version, we re-used some of the stories we'd performed on stage,' Matthew explained. 'But there's a lot that's different, by virtue of working in a different medium. There are great gags that work well on stage but just wouldn't translate to audio. Episode three is a great example of this: it takes the idea of the Hand of Anubis and really fleshes it out, so to speak! It's a very different piece on audio than on stage.'

The Monster Hunters is at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden on the 4th and 5th of August at 9pm. Tickets: £10, £8 concessions and can be booked from the Camden Fringe website.

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