By Newgate Productions, Oct 15 2012 08:37AM

The Monster Hunters at the Theatre of Hell opens this week at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden High Street, running 16th - 18th October. Tickets are £10 (£8 concessions) and you can book them here.

There's more information about this and other great shows appearing as part of this year's London Horror Festival at their website. You can also find details of buses and trains, as well as a helpful TfL journey planner on the Etcetera Theatre website.

By Newgate Productions, Sep 27 2012 08:00AM

Rehearsals are now underway for our new show at this year's London Horror Festival. Joining Roy and Lorrimer for their investigations will be a host of characters, some familiar, some brand new.

Matthew Woodcock and Peter Davis will once more be on hand as Roy Steel and Lorrimer Chesterfield as well as writing the script. 'It's a single story this time.' Matthew says. 'It gives us a chance to develop the plot and characters more. Roy and Lorrimer are at the theatre to try and uncover the truth about a mysterious haunting. There's murder, ghosts and as many bad jokes as we could fit in.' The play is set entirely within the confines of the Wyngarde Theatre in Soho, the worst theatre in town. 'This is a theatre of last chances, and everyone has good reason to be there.'

Joining the Monster Hunters will be Simon Kane, reprising his role as Sir Maxwell House as well as playing drunken actor Sebastian Winsley-Hope. Sebastian is a faded actor and his last film role nearly killed his career.... Simon on the other hand has just finished recording series 2 of John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme, described as 'the best sketch show in years' by the Radio Times.

We are also pleased to see the return of Andrea Cullum, who will be playing Vivian Caruso, a diva-ish actress with multiple roles in both horror films and Crossroads. Her star might have fallen, but she rules the theatre with an iron tongue. Andrea will be familiar to podcast listeners as the voice of Lillith, leader of the cult of Hazal in The Hour of the Witch.

Laura Marshall is another familiar voice for podcast listeners, having played multiple roles across five of the six episodes. Her character Alice appears to be an ingenue acteress, but as with all those drawn to the theatre of Hell, are her motives as innocent as they appear?

Actor and comedian Neil Frost plays ambitious director Vivian St. John. He needs this play to be a success, but how far will he go? Neil's web comedy series HIStory HERstory is available to view on YouTube.

The Monster Hunters at the Theatre of Hell is on at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden from 16th - 18th October. For more information and tickets, please visit the London Horror Festival Website.

By Newgate Productions, Aug 30 2012 08:00AM

We are pleased to announce The Monster Hunters' swift return to the stage in a brand new show.

The Monster Hunters at the Theatre of Hell is a brand new play premiering at the Etcetera Theatre as part of this year's London Horror Festival.

'The Monster Hunters first came to life at the London Horror Festival in 2011, and it seems only right that we come back to premiere our new show.' Said co-writer and Roy Steel himself, Matthew Woodcock.

'We're trying something different this time.' explained co-writer and the brain behind Lorrimer Chesterfield, Peter Davis. 'Our last show was a portmanteau showcasing important moments in the lives of Roy and Lorrimer. This time we wanted to do one big adventure.'

The Monster Hunters at the Theatre of Hell sees Roy and Lorrimer acting as technical advisers to a new horror play at the worst theatre in Soho. But as the bodies begin to mount up, the signs point to a supernatural presence. Could the ghost of London’s most infamous actor-manager have risen from the grave to extract a gruesome revenge on the worst actors the worst theatre in the West End has ever seen?

You can catch the show from 16th - 18th October. Tickets are available already from the London Horror Festival website, and you can keep up to date with the latest news from the showright here.

Roy and Lorrimer: back in action.
Roy and Lorrimer: back in action.
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